N.O.R.E. On A Diet Part 10

N.O.R.E. is still on the run dieting…

As we continue on, take a trip with N.O.R.E. to one of his new favorite eateries in Miami for a couple shots of Tiger Bone and explains why he decided to become a vegan. Watch as he explains why he chooses not to eat dead chickens with no beaks on them. Just another change in N.O.R.E.’s diet that has allowed him to loose over 65 pounds so far!!! CNN once again! Stay Tuned

Along with going vegan, N.O.R.E. has been alcohol free throughout his entire diet and weight loss routine. Today marks 3 months and 1 day that N.O.R.E. has been alcohol free and has the following to say about it:

“Ya friend that u all know and love would like to announce to the world that 2day makes it 3 months and 1 day that I haven’t had not 1 drink, not even a sip of nothing like that. Be proud of me cause it’s something that I did on my own with God and something called will power and being focused”

C.N.N. (Capone-N-NORE) – Argument

CNN naar Melkweg

Capone -N- Noreaga

Datum: 30-01-2009
VVK: 11-11-2008
Zaal: Oude Zaal
Aanvang: 21.00
Toegang: € 22,- + lidm.


D. L. Hughley gaat langs bij een Palin rally!

Wat een trippers!!!

N.O.R.E. On A Diet

Moet IK team F.A.B. Swag dan ook maar gedag zeggen?

Still On The Run Training

N.O.R.E. Goes To L.A.

L.A., L.A., big city of dreams…
Hij is extreem klein tegenwoordig!

Nore makes a trip to L.A. for a show in Hollywood. But Nore must show love to the hood first and hangs out with some regular folks and a smoker! The he shoots to hollywood for the show and well, just watch!

Young Jeezy On “The Recession” On CNN

Wow, Jeezy op CNN…