LeBron James & Nicole Scherzinger – After Six

Reclame voor de nieuwe Nike Zoom IV After Six sneaker van LBJ.

Got me changing my expression, I don’t express!

Bow Wow: “I’m the Jordan King”

Ik zeg: dood aan patent leather!

Name Dropping Game

Op L-A-X;

Dr. Dre: 6 Times
Biggie: 6 Times
Tupac: 5 Times
Kanye west: 5 Times
50 Cent/Curtis: 5 Times
Suge Knight: 4 times
Jay-Z – 3 Times
Snoop Dogg: 3 Times
Lil Wayne: 2 Times
Ice Cube: 2 Times
Ludacris: 2 Times
Mary J Blige: 2 Times
Rakim: 2 Times
Diddy: 2 Times

Big Boi
Young Jeezy
Beanie Sigel
Erick Sermon
Jazzy Pha
Wu Tang
Scott Storch
MC Ren
Young Buck
Mobb Deep
Shock G
Mack 10
Will Smith
Uncle Luke
LL Cool J
Public Enemy
New Edition
Naughty By Nature
Black Rob
DJ Kool Herc
DJ Red Alert
Big Daddy Kane
Frankie Beverly And Maze

Impala (’64): 9 Times
Phantom: 7 Times
Lamborghini: 4 Times
Range Rover: 3 Times
Bentley: 2 Times

Chevy Suburban
Chevy Malibu

Louis Vuitton

Patron (5 Times)
Cristal Champagne (3 Times)

Kool Aid

Air Force 1s: 2 Times
Nike: 3 Times
Jordans: 3 times
Air Force 2
Bo Jacksons
Ralph Lauren
Mc Donald’s
Smith & Wesson

Lebron James: 2 Times
Michael Jordan
Kobe Bryant
Dwight Howard
Chris Paul
Tony Parker
Mike Tyson

Jesse Jackson: 2 Times
Delicious (Flavor Of Love): 2 Times

Kurt Kobain
John Lennon
Don Imus
Frank Lucas
Jacob The Jeweler
Pablo Escobar
Al Pacino
Tyra Banks
Martha Stewart
Vanessa Del Rio
Ronald Raegan
Jackie Chan
Rosa Parks
Martin Luther King
Bill Gates
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
Nelson Mandela
Coretta Scott

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Amsterdam-West Swag

Moeten we de Marokkanen uit Amsterdam-West nu officiëel tot trendsetters gaan verklaren?

Dus ook BUITEN de landsgrenzen van NL…

Nike Air Yeezy

Er is een nieuwe colorway van de Nike Air Yeezy (ja, Kanye West) gespot.
Het is alleen nog niet duidelijk of deze schoenen in de winkels zullen verschijnen, of Louis Vuitton Don exclusives blijven.
Van mij mogen ze snel all whites releasen!

101 Sneaker Facts

1 One of the earliest references to “sneaks” appears in James Greenwood\’s 1873 account of London life, \’In Strange Company.\’
2 The management team that resurrected Adidas in the \’90s was made up primarily of ex Nike execs.
3 Nike Inc.\’s finances have never been in the red.
4 A.G. Spalding made the first basketball shoe, around 1900.
5 It took Nike three launches to make its skateboarding line a success.

6 Nike could sue Nigo, but the company probably wouldn\’t win.
Anyone who\’s ever looked at one of A Bathing Ape\’s popular Bapestas has surely noticed their striking similarity to Nike\’s Air Force 1s-sans swoosh and plus gaudy colorways. Though neither Nike nor Nigo will comment on this astounding likeness, one can\’t help but wonder if Nike could sue Nigo for patent infringement? “If [a sneaker is] functionally the same but looks a little different, you\’re safe,” says Dick Turner, a partner at the Sughrue law firm in Washington, D.C. “Changing things just a little bit will change the look enough where it will be outside of the design patent. To win on a design patent it almost has to be copied.” Sneaker companies file for design and technology patents by submitting a drawing to the United States Patent and Trademark Offices. (According to the USPTO\’s website, Nike owns over 2,000 patents.) While design patents are a fairly recent phenomenon, it\’s much easier to file for technology infringement. “Take the [Reebok] Pumps,” Turner says. “Anybody else that makes a pump-able shoe is going to have problems regardless of what it looks like. It covers a pretty big area of real estate.” And thus it seems that Nigo may continue pumping Air Faux-ce 1s all the livelong day, ay!

7 Known as a California skate company, Etnies actually started in France.
8 Goodyear, a division of the U.S. Rubber Company, is the original manufacturer of Keds.
9 Samuel L. Jackson and Eric Clapton are celebrity fans of Hiroki Nakamura\’s exclusive Japanese sneaker brand VISVIM.
10 Oakley designed sneakers for the U.S. Special Forces.
11 Jerry Seinfeld owns over 500 pairs of mint condition white sneakers.
12 By dividing the model number by 10, you can determine the approximate retail price of a New Balance sneaker. (i.e. NB574=$57.40)
13 The letters D and C are the 4th and 3rd letters in the alphabet, and many of the details on DC\’s shoes are based either on 3s, 4s, or the combination of the two, 7.
14 The Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe to use air technology when it debuted in 1982.
15 The Air Max 1, which debuted in \’87, was the first Nike to expose the air bubble.
16 Jacob The Jeweler created a diamond encrusted Allen Iverson “Question” sneaker with 246 white-gold diamonds. It sold in 2004 in the Eastbay catalog holiday gift guide for $65,000. What a steal!
17 Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman started Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike\’s forerunner company with $500 each. B.R.S. is now a division of Nike specializing in clothes that complement its kicks.

18 Customization is all the rage today, but it\’s nothing new to vans.
For those who believe Nike i.d. is the best thing since shelltoes, peep game. Before sneaker customization went from niche hobby to overpriced mainstream trend, Vans was on it. With its understated designs, Vans may not seem like a beacon of cutting-edge creativity. But don\’t get it twisted; the company started customizing sneakers in March 1966. Founder Paul Van Doren believed in selling shoes directly to customers and allowed them to bring fabric to the factory to be turned into a shoe. “We\’re known for having funky patterns and doing Hawaiian prints, and stuff like that,” explains Vans spokesperson Chris Overholser. “And the way that started was people would bring in their board shorts that got too ratty, and we could pull fabric from them and make them into shoes.” The company put a halt to its custom business when its factories moved overseas in 1995. In 2004, Vans got back in the game with its website, shop.vans.com. Who want what?

19 Rocky Balboa wore Converse. The “Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art have his bronzed soles set in concrete.
20 In 2001, K-Swiss acquired the rights to Royal Elastics. Royal Elastics prides itself on making sneakers that are “elasticated.” Ironically, K-Swiss are designed to prevent stretching.
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Nike 2009 Preview

Ever thought what Nike has planned for 2009? Here’s a look at a few different models including the Dunk High, Low, and Blazer Low. It appears that Nike will focus on the use of different patterns and color-ways as opposed to the more simple approach they have taken on this year. It looks like a promising early preview, we can only imagine what else they are holding out on.

Classic Video Thursday

Deze week Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless van Lost Boyz, afkomstig van het album Legal Drug Money uit 1995.

Alhoewel de meeste rappers na de zogenaamde shiny suit era zich wat uitbundiger zijn gaan kleden, is het grappig om te zien dat 13 jaar na dato veel gasten uit New York er in de winter nog steeds hetzelfde bijlopen. Carhartt’s (en andere workwear), Champion hoodies, Timberlands en/of Nike ACG’s.

R.I.P. Freaky Tah
Wat waren de rollen van Spigg Nice en Pretty Lou nou eigenlijk?
Ben ik na al die jaren nog steeds niet achter…

Edit: Het lukt maar niet om de video te posten, krijg steeds een “not available” error van YouTube.
Bekijk de video hier (ook in hogere kwaliteit)

Nike BS July Releases

Wes, deze post is speciaal voor jou… omdat je half WPS/half hipster bent.

Nike Dunk Low Premium SB “Randy Colvin”
Black/Yellow Ochre
Colors by Proctor

Nike Zoom Classic SB
Army Olive/Abyss

Nike Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez II
Black Lava/White

Nike Zoom Tre A.D.
Dark Cinder/Metallic Gold

Nike Blazer Low SB
Varsity Royal/Black

De 2015 Nike McFly

Nike introduceert de Marty McFly Hyperdunks… remember Back to the Future?
De Hyperdunk is de nieuwe basketbalschoen die o.a. door Kobe Bryant gedragen zal gaan worden. Zo zal een groot deel van Team USA Hyperdunks dragen tijdens de aankomende Olympische Spelen.

En een post over Kobe… daar moet natuurlijk een link naar HOW MY ASS TASTE bij…