Andy Milonakis – Let Me Twitter Dat

Tweet tweet biiiitch tweet tweet!

Fresku – Twijfel

2009 is Fresku’s jaar. Klaar.

Throwback Ryan Leslie!


“…Catch A Bigger Fish!!”

Ik wist het wel!

Jay-Z’s Six Principles To Living The Best Life

Inspiratie nodig onderweg naar money, power & respect?


Be Your Own Biggest Fan…
“Believe in whatever it is you’re doing. If you don’t believe it, no one else will.”

Take Control, Then Let It Go…
“Work really hard and apply yourself in a way that when the job is done, you can look in the mirror and say, ‘I’ve exhausted all possibilities. I’ve done everything to make this right’. After that, let it go: It’s out of your control.”

Focus On The Process, Not The Result…..
“People get consumed by the trappings of success. They forget the reason they wanted to do what they wanted to do in the first place. Whether you have zero money or a million dollars, it doesn’t change who you are. Keep yourself inspired.”

Never Act On Your Fears…
“Card players have a saying: ‘Play the cards, not the money’. If your hand is good, it doesn’t matter if there’s $2 on the table or $2,000. You determine your outcome. Don’t make decisions based on the fear. People can be jealous of you and bait you, but you can be mature and handle the situation.”

Use Money The Right Way…..
“For some people money can be a burden and lead to bad decisions. But money should make you comfortable so that you don’t have to compromise yourself or do anything just for money. It should give you the freedom to do what you love.”

Don’t Stop Growing…..
“Growth doesn’t stop when you’ve become successful. That’s when it starts.”

Fat Joe – One (feat. Akon)

F.A.B. Swag in full effect!

She love me even though I’m fat, I rance the track
My pants are saggin’, you see my crack

Joe Budden – In My Sleep

The official video for Joe Budden’s single “In My Sleep” off his new album “Padded Room”. The video was produced by Rik Cordero and also features Tahiry and Miss Info.

Louis Vuitton – Kanye West

Dus ik was van plan om 2 paar (de lichte Don’s en de Mr Hudson’s) van die LV – Kanye kicks te halen, maar nu ik die prijzen zie moet ik het misschien toch maar bij 1 paar houden. Zwaar gestoord dit. Exclusiviteit is leuk, maar dat heb je ook bij een gehalveerde prijs.


Ode to ‘Ye’s girl

Wij presenteren u… miss Amber Rose!
(en stiekem ook een ode aan Jigga’s girl!)


The Dream OnDaSpot freestyle

The Dream Madness continues on GeekMinded…

The Dream zat op 9 maart bij Green Lantern’s Invasion radio show en dropte een freestyle over, uiteraard, een Biggie beat!