A slimmed down (-5 pounds in 2 months) Kimmy at the beach.

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Het werd weer eens tijd voor de (not-so-)Daily Dose of Kim Kardashian…


Het is alweer even geleden, maar de Daily Dose of Kim Kardashian is weer terug!

Kimmy ontkracht de geruchten dat ze van haar vriendje Reggie zou moeten afvallen;

There are some reports going around that Reggie wants me to lose weight… TOTALLY FALSE!

However, it is true that we have been working out together like crazy! And it is also true that I made a recent commitment to exercise more, which was a decision I reached all on my own.

Zolang ze maar blijft squatten…

What you all came here for… a look at her ass…

Oh yeah… just wanted to let you all know… the hype is real!


Is Reggie really a black man?

Kim Kardashian became famous for her bodacious booty – but her man wants to trim some of the junk in her trunk. A source tells Page Six that Kardashian, who will wrestle Carmen Electra in the new flick “Disaster Movie,” has been working out extra hard these days at the request of her boyfriend, New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush. “He’s been pushing her to work out hard,” said our source. Sunday, Kardashian was overheard telling a friend at the opening of FUSE nightclub in Nashville that Bush made her run the dunes at Manhattan Beach in California.

Wij van GeekMinded sluiten ons graag aan bij Sir Mix-A-Lot;



Kimmy was op het Intermix feestje met haar BFF Britny Gastineau…

Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow Soprano) was ook aanwezig. Wow, wat houd ik toch van haar… staat zeker in mijn Top 5 van flexe sletjes. (KK is de onbetwiste #1)


Yesss, your daily dose of Kim Kardashian.

Kimmy, Reggie, en wat andere Kardashians doen een dagje pretpark…

Allemaal heel erg gezellig natuurlijk… maar toen…………………………….


Vandaag helaas niet de echte Kimmy, maar FAKE KIM KARDASHIAN!

Hi Everyone,

I am angry and disappointed to hear that people are going around a Houston, Texas, nightclub pretending to be me and pretending to work with me, lying and conning my friends and fans.

A man in Houston has been selling tickets and promoting me and my image without my permission – and you know who you are – and taking a look-a-like to clubs pretending to be me, but hiding behind dark sunglasses and curtains – refusing to meet or speak to anyone. THIS IS NOT ME!

The truth is, I was not in Houston this week and have no plans to come to Texas until the end of June. I am so so sorry that there are bad people in this world who take advantage of you and me, but I promise when I am going to appear somewhere you can check it’s authenticity on my website.

So Houston – I love you and I’m sorry!!!! Please spread the word about these con artists!



Waarop FAKE KIM KARDASHIAN (Natasha) weer reageert bij Kay Slay The Drama King… (met een beetje LL Cool J promo)

That booty is riiite!
Still no Kimmy K, though…


Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Bash
Feestje in Les Deux, Hollywood.

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Your daily dose is here…


Daily Dose of Kim Kardashian

Kimmy K blijft toch wel het meest flexe sletje ooit…

Ze is er in geslaagd om haar ass in een skinny jeans te proppen… dat vergt best respect!