Fat Joe – One (feat. Akon)

F.A.B. Swag in full effect!

She love me even though I’m fat, I rance the track
My pants are saggin’, you see my crack

Akon… Baller of the Year

Your own gas station at home… most ballin’ shit eeveer!!!
Plus hij krijgt extra kudos omdat hij begrijpt dat een Gallardo geen eckte eckte Lamborghini is…

Jim said Murcielagos, don’t do Gallardos/
The doors don’t go up, so why would you buy those?

Arabs niet blij met Arab Money

Busta Rhymes‘ new song “Arab Money” continues to be a lightning rod for controversy, with one UK DJ being suspended after playing the Quran-sampling track on the radio. Steve “Smooth” Sutherland was suspended from his popular show after the song’s broadcast resulted complaints from listeners. In the song’s chorus, the first chapter of the Quran is sung and sampled, which is against strict Arab law dictating that singing a Quran verse in combination with music is prohibited. “I really only respect the Arab culture,” Rhymes said in a recent interview. “I ain’t really trying to pay no attention to, ya know, these little people in political positions and executive positions that ain’t Arab culture oriented people because a lot of the times, what are you really showing all of this concern for?” Busta will entangle Diddy, Lil Wayne, Akon and T-Pain in the controversy as well when the “Arab Money” remix drops soon.

Een woordvoerder van Galaxy FM;

“I can confirm that a track called Arab Money by Busta Rhymes was broadcast on Saturday 29th November at 9.58pm. A number of complaints have been received about the lyrics in the song and so both the DJ and his producer have been suspended pending further enquiries. Meanwhile Galaxy apologies for any offense caused.”

Busta Rhymes zei eerder;

Sometimes, people like to twist things. We ain’t mockin’ the culture. we ain’t tryin’ to be disrespectful. Ain’t no racism going on right here. If you listen to the song, you see that we are actually acknowledging the fact that the Arabian culture, a middle East culture is one of the few cultures that value passing down hard work riches that’s been built amongst the family. It would be nice if a lot of other cultures did the same thing. I would like for it to be like that in my culture where we could build things to the point where we got so much that we don’t need to rely on other cultures to contribute majorly in a financial way, or in whatever other way, to societies, communities or whatever governments we might live in. So, we are actually biggin’ up the culture. At the end of the day, I want to be like that. I think a lot of us want to be like that.


Busta Rhymes – Arab Money Remix (Behind The Scenes)

Gaat het nu weer langer dan een maand duren voordat deze clip er is?
Want ik ben al bijna klaar met deze remix, laat staan het originele nummer…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Making of Arab Money Remix Part 1

Diddy & Busta Rhymes vs. T-Pain & Akon

Er is dus gewoon budget vrijgekomen zodat Busta T-Pain en Akon kon krijgen voor de remix i.p.v. budget ass Ron Browz?

De remix (met naast de mannen uit het filmpje Ron Browz, Swizz Beats en Lil’ Wayne) zou vandaag moeten verschijnen…

UPDATE: De remix is hier te downloaden. De NO DJ versie volgt snel.



Akon – Right Now (Na Na Na)

Akon feat. Lil’ Wayne & Young Jeezy – I’m So Paid

T-Pain ft. DJ Khaled – Kareoke

Ik moest wel lachen in het begin…wat een fools haha…wel oke song, beetje anders voor Teddy Pain…DJ Khaled is nog steeds een fool, maar het werkt wel…
Die creativity van deze clip spreekt me wel aan.

Forbes 2008 Hip-Hop Cash Kings

Last year it was Jay-Z who led the way on Forbes new list for Hip-Hop Cash Kings, but he was dethroned despite landing a huge deal with Live Nation, worth an estimated $150 million.

Hov did land at no. 2 on the 2008 list, but it was 50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson) who is crowned the 2008 Hip-Hop Cash King by the magazine, who reportedly earned a whopped $150 million over the past 12 months.

According to Forbes, Fiddy banked $100 million (after taxes) thanks to his stake in VitaminWater’s parent, Glacéau, which was bought by Coca-Cola as part of a $4.1 billion deal.

Additionally, the rapper’s portfolio also includes a successful clothing line, record label, film roles, video games, and of course record sales from several albums, including his most recent platinum selling Curtis album.

Forbes reports that he’s also working on a mining partnership with South African billionaire Partrice Motsepe.

Jay-Z raked in $82 million, coming in at no. 2, thanks to his American Gangster album, his Live Nation deal, and his other business ventures.

Coming in at no. 3 for the second year in a row is Diddy. The music mogul earned a reported $35 million last year from his many businesses and deals — including his Sean John clothing line, his Bad Boy label, his deal with Ciroc vodka, and two reality shows.

Ironically, 50 Cent grabbed both Diddy and Jay-Z last year when they earned the top three spots for his “I Get Money (Forbes Remix),” and here they are again.

Right behind the Big Three is Kanye West, taking the no. 4 spot with a cool $30 mill. His position comes as his third solo album became one of the best selling last year, beating out 50 Cent’s Curtis in a head-to-head battle the pair staged for publicity.

At no. 5 we see Timbaland with $22 mill, thanks to his endless list of producer credits.

The rest of the list is as follows, see the entire list with photos at Forbes.com:

No. 6: Pharrell Williams – $20 mill
No. 7: Swizz Beats – $17 mill
No. 8: Snoop Dogg – $16 mill
No. 9: Dr. Dre – $15 mill
No. 10: Ludacris – $14 mill
No. 11: T.I. – $13 mill
No. 11: Lil Wayne – $13 mill
No. 12: Eminem – $12 mill
No. 12: Common – $10 mill
No. 12: Akon – $12 mill
No. 13: Jermaine Dupri – $11 mill
No. 13: Lil Jon – $11 mill
No. 14: Outkast – $10 mill
No. 14: Chamillionaire – $10 mill
No. 14: The Game – $10 mill

Heel leuk voor 50… maar met de huidige dollarkoers stelt het helemaal niets voor natuurlijk; 150 miljoen dollar over 12 maanden staat omgerekend bijna gelijk aan het minimumsalaris in NL.

Three 6 Mafia feat. Akon & Jim Jones – That’s Right

Uhh, not really feeling it…