Geekfiles: Stop motion is the shiiiiiii!!!!!


This dude is a miracle worker!
Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee

More awesomeness after the jump!
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“…Catch A Bigger Fish!!”

Ik wist het wel!

JusTim likes big butts!

Ahhh JusTim! Oo ja en Jessica Biel…

The battle for the Jessica’s!
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If I Were A Bro

A Bro is a guy that thinks he is way cooler than he really is. A Bro can be seen in pics making a face or a pose where he is trying so hard to look like hes not trying. A Bro will call all the other guys bro even though noone likes the bro. Other people would refer to a bro as a douche bag. Bros are usually idiots so a way to have fun with them is to call them bro every few words when you are talking to them and see how long it takes them to catch on.

They still make these…?

Dolla, dolla bill y’all…


John Brown vs. Dallas Penn

King of da Burbz vs. 1/2 of Internets Celebrities

If Movie Posters Were Honest

In de afwezigheid van Dub Licey, een movie-related post van mij…





Meer posters vind je bij Holy Taco.