Obama 2008

Dres (of Black Sheep) – The Choice Is Yours

Wassup ’08


The original

The things that really matter in politics…

John McCain just doesn’t get it…

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Support Obama!

Gruwelijk talent!!

Joden verantwoordelijk voor Obama’s winst of verlies?

Sarah Silverman is een baas!

Young Jeezy On “The Recession” On CNN

Wow, Jeezy op CNN…

Hillary Clinton: ‘My President Is Black’

My President is black, my Lambo’s blue/
and I be goddamned if my rims ain’t too

Fox News on Luda’s Obama Track

Wow, Fox News on their BS again…

White rights enthusiast Sean Hannity has a new black man in his sights, ludacris. Because Ludacris has written some over-the-top lyrics in support of Obama and because Obama has previously expressed a liking for Ludacris, that was proof enough for Hannity that it indicated that Obama is a black radical. From the 7/30/08 Hannity & Colmes

Nas @ The Colbert Report

Reggin please!!
Haha Stephen Colbert is hilarisch als altijd! en Nas keep doin that dirty work! Gruwelijk!