Wow…hier moest ik wel van trippen…wat een dude!! Hoezo zoveel tijd en zin? En skill! Ik heb hier totaal geen verstand van en vind het ook gewoon gruwelijk dat iemand zoiets fixed? LEIP!!

Here is a remake of the “Thriller” song that I’ve entirely recorded with my own voice, using 64 A’cappella tracks. There is therefore no instrument, synthetizer, beatbox, or even to sampler, but only the sound of my voice livened up with Reverb and slight Chorus on certain tracks. Regarding looping parts, I’ve simply used the “looping” technique. Moreover, in the whole piece (which contains several thousand notes), I transposed 8 notes, which were impossible for me to sing in high-pitched. Because of my tessiture, I also must have resigned myself to sing certain parts in head voice, more particularly on the track corresponding to Michael Jackson’s solo vocal.

I’ve accomplished this non-commercial project at home, only with a mobile PC, microphone, headphones and webcam – in nearly 350 hours. It’s just an artistic challenge, accomplished during my hours of free time, whose purpose is to make smile my close circle and the internauts. Nonetheless, I’ll be happy to record in professional studio, original songs with this technique, if a label was nearly interested to work with me on a SP or LP entirely based on this innovative concept of “Massively Multitracks A’cappella”.

Dres (of Black Sheep) – The Choice Is Yours

Wassup ’08


The original

Mike Epps – Big Girls

Waar blijft de volledige versie van Bow Wow en Joc?

Oh ja… I LOVE ‘EM!

Akon feat. Lil’ Wayne & Young Jeezy – I’m So Paid

Jay-Z: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

BBC Documentaire…

Alan Yentob explores the life and work of the chart topping rapper and multi-millionaire business mogul Jay-Z.

Over the last six months, Alan has accompanied Jay-Z through key moments in his career, including the media frenzy and build-up to his triumphant headline gig at Glastonbury. Jay-Z gives an exclusive insight into his world, with backstage access to his concerts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, where Alan rubs shoulders with the stars and meets some of Jay-Z’s friends – including Chris Martin and P Diddy.

Jay-Z’s other passions extend beyond music, to modern art, architecture, politics, sports and fashion. He’s listed along with his partner Beyonce Knowles as one of the most powerful celebrity couples in the world. Contains very strong language.

Klik verder voor de rest van de documentaire…

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Night of the Living Dead (Mixtape Trailer)

Wordt dit het nieuwe ding voor 2009?
Trailers voor mixtapes?

Notorious Big is back!!! Dj Whoo Kid & Cookin Soul bring to you this masterpiece. New remixes sampling classic horror movie flicks, features from Lil Wayne , 50 Cent , Jay-Z , Nas , Eminem , etc COMING OCT 31TH FREE

Joe Budden’s Jump Off

Whooow… she got a monkey on a her!

Nog meer Before I Self Destruct

Omdat het zo op prijs wordt geteld…

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe verhaal uitgelegd!

Jaja…ik vind het een beetje spacey….ooo no shit Dub…
Vind het nog steeds een slecht idee…maar ja…we zullen zien als de game released is…

Ze willen gewoon de glory days van Marvel Comics en Street Fighter (Capcom)!

Shit was hard!

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was GRUWELIJK! XBOX LIVE PLZ!!!