Ben bijna jarig…


Ik vind wel dat ik het verdien…

Integrated Projector

Watching movies in big size! Use Artoo’s projector with the back of a poster or a wall and your home cinema is ready to use. Move Artoo to the right spot and enjoy the show.
Watching movies from your bed? Grab the Millennium Falcon remote, let Artoo move his legs backwards and project on the ceiling!

Play your games in a bigger dimension and connect your gameconsole to Artoo. The game will be projected and you are right in the action!

Projector Specifications:
• Display System: 2x LVDS DLPtm Technology with DDP2230
• Max Projection size: 6.60m (260 inches) (diagonal)
• Brightness: 1800 Lumen
• Contrast ratio: 1800:1
• Resolution: 1024×768 (XGA)

Integrated DVD/Cd-player

DVDs and CDs can be played on the internal player which supports the following formats: DVD-video, DVD-R/RW, VCD, SVCD, CD, CD-R/RW, WMA, MP3, DivX 3.0-5.03, MP4 en JPEG.

The player is neatly built-in in Artoo’s front. Controlling the DVD/CD-player can be done in 2 ways. By pressing the area above the player, a panel will slide out and buttons will light up. Or you can use the Millennium Falcon remote!

Full Function Remote Control

Artoo has motors everywhere! Artoo can move forward, reverse, make left and right turns, rotate his headunit and move his legs backwards to make ceiling projection possible!
All buttons to control his functions can be found on the Millennium Falcon remote.

Built-in Speakersystem

A speakersystem of 2x10W (20W) is built-in below Artoo’s body and creates high quality sound in stereo as well as surround! The system includes tweeters.

iPod Dockingstation

Artoo is iPod compatible with an integrated dockingstation at the front. Again neatly built-in. The dock is compatible with iPod nano (1G and 2G) and iPod video 5G.
Apart from playing the iPod music over the speakersystem or connected external speakers, Artoo will also project videos from compatible iPods!

Audio- and Video connections

At the back of Artoo behind a sliding panel, there are many connections (in and out) for the most common devices including game consoles, PC/MAC, external DVD players and lots more.

Line-in Connections: RCA (composite video), Mini DIN (S-Video), RCA (Audio L/R, DV-I (to connect a PC or Mac or even connect your PS3 or Xbox 360 with their HDMI output)

Line-out Connections: Stereo headphone jack, Optical digital audio out, RCA Video, RCA Audio, 7 channel wireless FM audio transmission.

USB and Memorycard slots

No need anymore to squeeze everyone behind the computer screen to watch your photos…just project them on the wall. With the help of a USB Flashdrive port or the memory card slots Artoo makes even this possible!

Supported formats: USB-flash drive, SD-kaart, Memory Stick, Smart Media kaart, Multi Media kaart.
Supported fileformats: WMA, MP3, MP4, JPEG

Safety Sensors

R2-D2 DVD Projector has two types of sensors on board to help prevent getting damaged.
– Leg sensors: they are located next to Aroo’s legs to prevent something getting inbetween the legs when they are moving backwards.
– Projector sensors: these monitor the minimal projector distance (1,5m) between Artoo and a wall.
The sensors will give a warning sound when triggered.

Light- and Soundeffects

Eleven original soundeffects from the saga make Artoo even more realistic.
The indicator on the front lights up in blue and red. The indicator at the back presents random dotpatterns.


Ofcourse R2-DVD Projector doesn’t come with any ordinary remote. An actual Millennium Falcon will perform this task. It holds the control panel that slides out when the panel is pushed. The buttons will light up and all the functions to control Artoo are present! From motion controls to DVD playback controls.

Both the propulsion system and the cockpit are fitted with light effects. The R2-D2 DVD Projector pack includes a stand for the Millennium Falcon. When the button on the stand is pushed, Millennium Falcon sounds can be heard.

Ik verwacht wel een R2-unit of tenminste dit.


5 Reacties

  1. EHHHHH NEE! 1 april jongens niet vergeten.!!!!

  2. Uhh, 7 januari, flikkerts.

  3. WESCOast badboys II en Lucianovic als ik dit niet later in jullie huizen zie (met later bedoel ik voor eerst genoemde dus over een half jaar, volgens mij kan je een projector wel gebruiken met je 3.80 hoge muren) dan weet ik het ook niet meer.

  4. whatthefuck denk jij! TUURLIJK ga je dit in mijn osso zien…al is het alleen maar om gewoon met R2 te spelen…

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