Month of Madness, day 1

En hier is Freeway’s eerste Month of Madness song… inclusief videoclip!

Download Freeway – Month of Madness

State Property/Roc-a-fella/Def Jam recording artist, Freeway, launches the Month of Madness beginning December 1, 2008. For 30 days straight- Freeway will drop one record a day, for the people- for change. Lately, it seems as if Hip Hop has turned into something more than fan driven entertainment. It has become dependent on sales, marketing and imaging- rather than the quality and value of the music itself. Some may even say that, Freeway himself- may have fallen through that corporate loophole. Still, he launches the Month of Madness with optimism that Hip Hop will return to its rightful owners- the people- and that’s why it’s time for a change. The Freeway Change. In fact, will offer a new song for free download, every day.
While label executives turn their heads, Freeway will use this opportunity to put his hard work to the challenge and look to the true fans of Hip Hop and music in general- to dictate what they want to hear. The most exciting part of the Freeway Change is that you really can make a difference. If you want more music after the 30 days is up! Freeway will deliver.
If you ask, change will come.

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