Parole scene!

“I wish I had something to stab your ass with!” Hahaha classic! Wat een scene…waarom zit ik nooit aan tafel met zulke mensen? H-E-E-R-L-I-J-K-!

Misschien is het toch waard om deze flick te kijken…of ook niet…

Spider Loc…jeeeeejjj! G-Unit films….SMH BET is gonna love this shit!!

CJ Tillman (Spider Loc) is a troubled, 29 year old, two-strike felon who is paroled back to the on the gang-infested streets of Compton where he grew up. Without a family or positive role models to guide him, he has spent the last 15 years in and out of the California penal system. Between trips to the penitentiary, he fathered a daughter, Camille, who has since inspired him change his ways. During his most recent prison stay, he earned a G.E.D. and completed an automotive repair course, giving him an option to drug dealing as a way to make a living. Through a prison ministry, he lines up a job and a place to live, helping him gain parole. Fresh out and determined to succeed, life looks promising for CJ as he begins a new start in the home of Royce and Mable Henderson (Ernest Thomas and Candy Brown Houston) an older, couple, who live a modest existence in a quiet neighborhood. The Henderson’s have known happier days, before debilitating strokes left Royce wheelchair-bound and unable to speak. Mable, a tireless caretaker, tries to maintain a pleasant facade that masks deep resentment and an even deeper sense of loneliness. It doesn’t take long for the tension to build between the ex-con and the old lady, leading CJ to sense that her hospitality may not be as innocent as it seems. As their relationship quickly spirals downward and out of control, leading to a series of bizarre and dangerous events that threaten to destroy him, life gets even harder for CJ when a notorious drug dealer (Master P) tries to get him back in the “game” to pay off a debt. As the world collapses around him, he realizes that the past can indeed come back to haunt you. Will he survive Parole?

Are these motherfuckers serious? Ha??


2 Reacties

  1. Fuck it, ik ga ‘m checken. MASTER P, homie!

  2. haha wat sleeeeeeeeeecht

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