Geekfiles: forcefield?!!!


Het wordt steeds erger en erger…dit is echt gruwelijke tech! Even aan de mogelijkheden denken!

This tactile display enables tactile feedback superimposed over 3D graphics projected in free space, which provides more intuitive handling of 3D “touchable” graphics. For example, users could touch Princess Leia projected in the air.

Ik dacht eerder aan JCVD, maar I guess Leia is ook leuk…ze weten wel meteen gelukkig te concretiseren en de juiste dingen te zeggen!

The Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display uses multiple ultrasound transducers to project waves into the air. Without gloves or attachments, and without risk of penetration in the body, the device takes advantage of a nonlinear ultrasound phenomena called acoustic radiation pressure. This allows for the creation of spatial shapes of acoustic ultrasound radiation pressure, which is what gives you the sensation of touching Princess Leia’s breasts for real, even feeling the nature of the material

Via Universiteit van Tokyo!


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