A Day In The Life (Trailer)

Wooow… het kleine beetje potentiëel wat een dergelijke film heeft, doe je gelijk teniet met deze “innoverende” dialogen…

 …written by, directed by and starring Sticky Fingaz. Other cast members include Omar Epps, Mekhi Phifer, Michael Rapaport, Ray J, Clarence Williams III, Malinda Williams, Fredro Starr, Faizon Love, Michael K. Williams.

While it might be considered a “movie musical or a hip-hop opera,” Sticky Fingaz describes it as “Godfather Meets Romeo & Juliet.” When asked why he decided against straight dialogue, he explains, “I’m an artist and I create music and at the same time, I’m an actor so it made sense to try something innovative and merge the two together. We’ll be doing the same with Onyx’s Black Rock album, merging hip-hop and rock. It’s a way of tapping into both sides of myself.”

Op deze manier lijkt het meer op een middelbare school projectje. Way to go.


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