Speciaal voor zwelgje

Speciaal voor zwelgje

What is Bundaism?

The word Bundaism literally means “religion of the woman’s buttocks.” From the Portuguese word “bunda” (of the woman); beautiful shapely buttocks, and the Greek word “ism” meaning “a distinctive religion, practice or system of.”

Bundaism is a religion of spiritual sexuality which believes in attaining wealth, sexuality and communion with God through the worship of the sacred buttocks of Johanna Elohbunda. Bundaism teaches that pleasure and earthly prosperity are good basic fundamental truths and values of humanity which can be attained through the buttocks of callipygian (beautifully buttocked) women.


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  1. Must… Not… FAP!

  2. copyright deffamang bootypictures

  3. wie is zwelgje

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