Chasey Lain on crack

Wow… she used to be my favorite pornstar back in the ’90s.

One of my favorite sites attempted to shoot ex-Vivid and Wicked Porn Star, Chasey Lain, for and the whole experience was a disaster. Chaisey Lain looks and acted like she was tweaking, like she just came off of a Meth binge.. maybe I’m wrong, but what do you think? She can’t even speak a coherent sentence. OMFG! She is a mess! Chasey Lain ended up threatening a hit man on their production staff and that was the end of the show!


2 Reacties

  1. this is awful. she is a beautiful woman, even now, its obvious though that the drugs have done a number on her at the same time, you can tell.
    this is just a sad video. instead of posting this, i think they should have just ended it, and kept the video as a tool to aid in possibly convincing ms. lain to stop using. i dont know if she is on speed or coke, but it looks to me like speed, possibly both.
    maybe one day she will stop. we can only hope so.

  2. i agree. she needs a cock in her nose, instead of coke, namean?

    real talk. word is bon jovi.

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