Batty buoi!

Zoals iedereen en z’n oma weten is The Dark Knight morgen in de bios! Geweldig! Tot die tijd bied ik wat verhalen aan uit de Batman geschiedenis die invloed hadden op de aankomende film of great reads zijn wat betreft de ster van de film…de Joker!

Ten eerste moet er gezegd worden dat deze reads gelezen kunnen worden met het CDisplay proggie…heel handig en heel makkelijk…
De downloadable files kan je daar mee openen, maar je kan ook de files renamen naar een zip bestandje en uitpakken als je dat leuker vind…

Hier zal vervolgens een must-have lijstje volgen met Joker verhaaltjes!

Batman – A Death In The Family

Iconisch…ouch ouch ouch! Gewoon ongeloofelijk was dit! Joker is een bastard!

After the first Robin Dick Grayson goes on to become nightwing and join Teen Titans, Batman brings up a new protege ‘Jason Todd’. This Mini Series “A Death in the Family” first published in 1988-1989 gave fans the ability to influence the story through voting with a 900 number. The depiction of Batman in a rare emotional state, the murder of a very famous superhero, and the phone-voting element have allowed “A Death in the Family” to remain a significant milestone in American comics.


Batman – The Killing Joke
Alweer een ouchy!!!!!

Batman: The Killing Joke is an influential one-shot superhero comic book written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland, published by DC Comics in 1988.
The plot revolves around a largely psychological battle between Batman and his longtime foe the Joker, who has escaped from Arkham Asylum. The Joker intends to drive Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon insane to prove that the most upstanding citizen is capable of going mad after having “one bad day.” Along the way, the Joker has flashbacks to his early life, gradually explaining his possible origin.


Batman – The Man Who Laughs

Batman: The Man Who Laughs is a one-shot prestige format comic book by Ed Brubaker and Doug Mahnke, released in February 2005, and intended as a sequel to Batman: Year One.
Witness here Batmans historic first encounters with his deadliest foe, The Joker, in this hardcover volume featuring two tales written by Ed Brubaker (GOTHAM CENTRAL, Captain America), winner of the 2007 Eisner Award for Best Writer.A mysterious homicidal maniac is murdering prominent citizens of Gotham City, each time leaving a ghastly grin on the victims’ lifeless faces. Batman soon tracks down the killer: The Joker!This volume gives readers new insight into the early encounters between Batman and The Joker that led the Clown Prince of Crime down the path to insanity.Guest-starring original Green Lantern Alan Scott.


Batman – Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth is a Batman graphic novel written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Dave McKean. It was originally published in the United States in both hardcover and softcover editions by DC Comics in 1989. The subtitle is taken from line 55 of the poem “Church Going”, by Philip Larkin.
In this groundbreaking, painted graphic novel, the inmates of Arkham Asylum have taken over Gothams detention center for the criminally insane on April Fools Day, demanding Batman in exchange for their hostages.Accepting their demented challenge, Batman is forced to live and endure the personal hells of the Joker, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Two-Face and many other sworn enemies in order to save the innocents and retake the prison.During his run through this absurd gauntlet, the Dark Knights own sanity is placed in jeopardy.


The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told

This book remains one of the best comic book collections compiled; no villain has as prolific a history as the sixty years of the Joker. Writers like Bill Finger, Denny O’Neil, and Steve Englehart; and artists like Bob Kane, Dick Sprang, Neal Adams, and Jim Aparo present all time classic stories from the 40’s to the 80’s. The Joker changes through the decades but remains an enduring and fascinating comic book icon from his first locked room murder, through his zany period to his return to evil mastermind. These stories are thorougly entertaining.


Batman – The Dark Knight Returns
Misschien wel 1 van de meest geweldige Batman verhalen ooit geschreven…van Frank Miller. Tevens 1 van de andere karakters van The Dark Knight film komt hier prominent hier in voor, maar daar later meer over…dit ladies en gents is een must have!

If any comic has a claim to have truly reinvigorated the genre, then The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller–known also for his excellent Sin City series and his superb rendering of the blind superhero Daredevil–is probably the top contender. Batman represented all that was wrong in comics and Miller set himself a tough task taking on the camp crusader and turning this laughable, innocuous children’s cartoon character into a hero for our times. The great Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing, the arguably peerless Watchmen) argued that only someone of Miller’s stature could have done this. Batman is a character known well beyond the confines of the comic world (as are his retinue) and so reinventing him, while keeping his limiting core essentials intact, was a huge task.

Miller went far beyond the call of duty. The Dark Knight is a success on every level. Firstly it does keep the core elements of the Batman myth intact, with Robin, Alfred the butler, Commissioner Gordon, and the old roster of villains, present yet brilliantly subverted. Secondly the artwork is fantastic–detailed, sometimes claustrophobic, psychotic. Lastly it’s a great story: Gotham City is a hell on earth, street gangs roam but there are no heroes. Decay is ubiquitous. Where is a hero to save Gotham? It is 10 years since the last recorded sighting of the Batman. And things have got worse than ever. Bruce Wayne is close to being a broken man but something is keeping him sane: the need to see change and the belief that he can orchestrate some of that change. Batman is back. The Dark Knight has returned.


Als laatste heb ik in de aanbieding een geweldige comic die kijkt naar het leven van Harvey Dent, die uiteraard ook in Frank Miller. Tevens 1 van de andere karakters van The Dark Knight morgen te zien is…

Ik presenteer…

Batman – The Long Halloween

It’s refreshing when you find a Batman story that both is epic and successfully explores the core of a resolutely explored character. Taking as its catalyst a sub-plot from the seminal Batman: Year One, the story revolves around murders occurring on national holidays, the victims connected to Mob boss “The Roman.” Dubbed “Holiday,” the killer uses an untraceable handgun and leaves small trinkets at the scene. Plenty of suspects are available, but the truth is something the Dark Knight never suspected. This series scores two major coups: it brilliantly portrays the transfer of Gotham rule to the supervillains and charts the horrific transformation of Harvey Dent from hardened D.A. to the psychotic Two-Face. Both orbit around the sharply portrayed relationship between Dent, Commissioner Gordon, and Batman: a triumvirate of radically different perceptions of Justice. It is always great to see the formative incarnation of Batman, drenched in noir here.

Jeph Loeb’s writing is keenly aware that Batman is a detective, and Tim Sale portrays a Gotham that is a fertile breeding ground for corruption and madness. Here, Batman is coming to terms with the potent image he projects and the madness it attracts. There are many fine Batman stories, but the ones that capture the spirit with extreme clarity are few. On this alone, The Long Halloween comes highly recommended. Masterfully executed, this is an excellent chance to revisit the world of Batman as fresh as in the summer of 1939.


Veel lees plezier!


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  1. the killing joke hadden ze gewoon bij de bibliotheek vroeger! ze hadden ook die stripboeken van hard boiled.. ken je die shit?

    shit is kaa-hard

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