Killer Mike is on that real shit!!

Goddamn wat hou ik ervan als rappers waar ik occasionally naar luister naar voren komen met wat real shit!

Hij is echt de ‘Cube van de South!!

Speak on em!

HipHopDX: So let’s just start with your most recent barb on “Killionaire”: “I see these fake-ass Bloods, I keep a tight lip.” Was that a shot at Lil Wayne or no?

Killer Mike: That’s a shot at every rapper who is going against the words of T. Rodgers. See, I don’t want you to reduce me or my words to anything petty. And the reason I say that is I accept and acknowledge the accountability that I have as a rapper in influencing the greater public. Now, that being said, when any grown-ass fucking man 25 to 35 will put on a gang bandanna and will represent that to the public as though this is something that’s gon’ progress your life when original gang member[s] who first helped to build that are saying, “No, no, no” – amongst those members being Jeff Fort from the original Black P.Stone Nation, Larry Hoover, who changed the direction of The Gangster Disciples into growth and development, and T. Rodgers of the original Bloods of Los Angeles – when they are saying, “No, turn away from this culture,” and you as any rapper, I don’t give a fuck what your name is, if you promote that you a piece of fucking scum. ‘Cause you promoting death to children who look like you.

And if the originators are saying that… See what I mean by that, if you not from Chicago, and if you not from L.A., please recognize what you doing. When you watch Game [click to read], [he] not only told dudes, “Okay, yeah this is what it was [to gang bang].” But Game don’t hide the fact he [also] played basketball with Baron Davis. Game don’t hide the fact he likes being an intelligent brother. When you look at a Snoop, [he] doesn’t mind coming outta Crip mode and going into intelligent father mode. But if you’re promoting something that’s unbalanced, then that [line is directed] to you, whoever you may be. Because we are risking the lives of millions of black children.

That’s what I’m talkin about!!
Zie hier de volledige interview…

Deze dude krijgt meteen wat extra brownie points bij mij!

Tenslotte nog zn clip met Cube: Pressure!


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